Monthly Archives: October 2015

How to Live with a Rogue Governor: V12

Governor LePage’s predilection to throw temper  tantrums, attempt to overawe people by beating on tables and yelling at them, and to say and do some remarkably stupid or offensive things are difficult for a significant majority of Maine people to live with.  Still, he did manage to get re-elected within spitting distance of a majority […]

Ranking Sillyness

The Gallup organization announced the other day that they will no longer conduct “horse race” polls in the Presidential primary elections, and presumably in the Presidential general election.  My heart jumped in anticipation that this might be the start of something good.  Might it be possible that we are seeing the beginning of the end […]

Measuring Stick or Punishment Switch

State politicians have for awhile now been attempting to leverage state and local credit ratings, as done by the major governmental credit rating agencies, Standard & Poor, Moody’s, and Fitch, into scorecards for political advantage.  The representation is that if a state’s credit rating goes from, for example, AA to AA-, that some type of […]