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Whack a Mole

As we struggle to come to terms with new forms of how we share information one of the more frightening responses has been a tidal wave a governmental and cultural repression from both ends of the political spectrum. Whether it be from governments, such as China, Russia, Kenya, India or the USA, or from demographic […]

Frustration Knows No Boundaries

“I’m mad as  hell and I am not going to take it anymore!” is a rather well known line from movie of many years ago.  Today as people and pundits scratch their heads over Bernie’s Burn and Donald’s March Through Democracy the one thing that seems clear is that the US body politic is suffering […]

Minding the Store

Generally, the idea that government should be run like a business is a canard.  The measuring sticks for success or failure in government are substantially different, the products less readily defined, the market fragmented and more difficult to understand. There is though, one basic element shared in the work of government and business.  There is […]