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First Friend or President?

One of the puzzling parts of this Presidential election season, already almost subsumed in odd and disturbing words and actions, is the agonizing taking place over whether or not Hillary Clinton is a “nice” person.  Efforts to make someone running for President sound like your normal, average, nice guy started with President Harrison’s campaign when the effort […]

Frustration Knows No Boundaries

“I’m mad as  hell and I am not going to take it anymore!” is a rather well known line from movie of many years ago.  Today as people and pundits scratch their heads over Bernie’s Burn and Donald’s March Through Democracy the one thing that seems clear is that the US body politic is suffering […]

Political Theater Extraordinaire

Strap in. Buckle Up. Seat Belts Fastened.  You will not be able to escape it.   Try as you will, unless you completely unplug, don’t read a newspaper, magazine or any other printed piece for the next ten months we have entered into a Twilight Zone of politics and it will run you down and […]